What’s New in Windows 10?

windows10 e1441275510243 What's New in Windows 10?Windows 10 has been making headlines before and after its launch on July 29th. It has gained quite a market share after one month of launch. occupies 5.21% of market share according to NETMARKETSHARE, which is a website about market statistics for internet technologies. This is the report from August to September of this year. At this market share, 10 leads Mac OS X 10.10, Windows 8 and Vista, to be leaded by Windows 8.1, XP and 7. All this within one month of availability. Imagine what will happen within its one year of availability?

It’s suffice to say, Windows 10 will have taken quite a chunk off other operating systems’ market share till then. But question is “WHY?” What’s so good about the new OS all people seem to be installing it? What’s so new about it? Here’s what:

Metro apps

Metro or modern apps are simply Store apps, but these are different from those from Windows 8/8.1 in that their widows can be resized, minimized and maximized. The OS comes bundled with a bunch of basic apps already like Photos, Groove Music, Weather, Maps, Mail, etc. Not only metro apps run in windowed mode, but they also have a hamburger or 3-lines icon at top-right side, which expands/collapses a panel of options from left side.

metro apps 591x640 What's New in Windows 10?

Say hello to Cortana!

Cortana is your personal digital assistant. It helps take care of little chores for you. It is capable of answering a good deal of common questions like who is Cortana?, who is your creator?, what do you think of Bill Gates?, are you artificial intelligence? and even ‘are you crazy?’ You can speak commands to Cortana too like. Cortana sets reminders & alarms, it does searches for you, tells you weather, reports you news and even has a little notebook.

windows10 cortana 589x640 What's New in Windows 10?

Continuum mode

Windows 10 is compatible for PCs, tablets and 2-in-1 devices. Windows 10’s functionality vary from PCs and touch devices. For example, by default, Start menu is full screen in tablets. Whereas the opposite is true for PCs. In continuum mode, metro apps open full-screen to give you space to work freely.What about 2-in-devices (like Surface Pro 2)? Well, they & PCs have got a switch. The switch to toggle Continuum mode on and off. You can enable/disable it via Action Center by clicking its icon from tray.

windows 10 continuum 640x360 What's New in Windows 10?

To use two apps side by side in tablet mode, drag & snap one app to right side and another to left side. Continuum mode makes the experience for tablet users more intuitive and real.

Goodbye Charms Bar, Hello Action Center

Yes, that right-side menu that opens when you drag your mouse to extreme top right, called Charms bar is gone in Windows 10. Say hello to Action Centre or Notification Center, it’s seemingly inspired by Android and Windows Phone; gives you ability to enable/disable certain settings in one tap. It comes with a bunch of settings like Bluetooth, Airport mode, Tablet mode (continuum mode), Location, Brightness and others. You can enable or disable these settings with one click.

action center windows10 What's New in Windows 10?

To access Action Center, drag your mouse to tray and click Action Center icon. All notifications such when a device is connected, an Adobe update is notified or when a reminder reminds come in Action Center. You can close them by either clicking “X” button or by sliding notifications to right.

Goodbye IE, Hello Microsoft Edge

Not a goodbye really, but Microsoft certainly introduced Microsoft Edge as IE’s successor. MS Edge was initially codenamed as Spartan. It intends to rid Internet Explorer of its notorious reputation. IE many versions were plain faulty and with plenty of bugs, but IE 9 and so on had improved and introduced many new features. But due to the notorious reputation that IE had gained, it was just very hard or impossible to make it gain some momentum.

microsoft edge 640x472 What's New in Windows 10?

So Microsoft decided to introduce Microsoft Edge as IE’s successor. Edge is a minimalistic and fast browser. Since it’s in its early phases, it doesn’t have many features. But it seems promising with the type of entry it has made in browsers’ market

Start Menu is Back!

Relenting to the huge demands of Windows users, Microsoft had to bring back Start menu. Unlike in Windows 8, it no longer opens full-screen or is not Start screen by default, but Windows 10 gives you the ability to choose whether you want Start screen or Start menu. Choice is up to you, so you choose whichever you find better.

start menu windows10 640x503 What's New in Windows 10?

The new Start menu has made many improvements, it displays most-used programs on top left, recently-installed programs right below it. And Windows-8 style tiles are on right-side. Start menu can be resized in anyway you like. An option called “All apps” at the bottom lists all the apps regardless they come built-in or otherwise, alphabetically.


There are plenty of other features and changes made to Windows 10. These are only the major ones and can’t be missed.


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