What’s Pushbullet? Intro and Its Features!

pushbulleticon What's Pushbullet? Intro and Its Features!Pushbullet is a genius little application that combines your device, iPad and PC and turn them in one device. Kind of. It’s a cross-platform application available for Android, iPhone, , Firefox, Safari, Opera, Windows and Mac. Unofficial apps include Ubuntu, Blackberry and WIndows Phone. You got Android device and PC? Pushbullet on the duo and you will be able to see all your Android notifications such as WhatsApp messages, incoming calls, Facebook notifications, messages, updates and all in between on your PC. We all know that keyboards are faster than Android or iPhone’s touch pads, right? That’s why… you will love the fact that you can type a message directly from PC and send it via Android or other handheld device.

Being a long-life Pushbullet myself, I love it.

Now who wouldn’t love keeping all devices in control via PC/Mac and do more, easily?

Install Pushbullet

First of all, let’s get you the app itself. You will need to sign up on Pushbullet to be able to avail their services. Don’t worry, that’ll happen too, but first you need to install Pushbullet on your device. Then we will learn about the bunch of features.

  • Go to Pushbullet apps. Links to apps for various platforms will be found here. Choose the one that suits you! Firefox user? Install Firefox add-on. Chrome user? Chrome extension is here. So and so.
  • Now.. if you’re an Android user, install this. Or this, for iPhone users.
  • Once installed in Chrome or Firefox, click its icon. I am a Chrome user, so here’s what I see after clicking it:

pushbullet chrome 640x494 What's Pushbullet? Intro and Its Features!

  • Click “Sign up with Pushbullet.com“, then sign in with Facebook or Google. No email sign-up-way available. :/
  • Installed on Android? Sign in with the same account you signed up with earlier.
  • All done! 🙂

Features of Pushbullet

Now that you’re all set, it’s time we delve into what Pushbulet can:

Type and send messages

Pushbullet’s allows you to type messages on PC and sent them via Android or iPhone. Of course, who doesn’t love typing 10x faster? YES! This may be a pretty cool way to send messages if you’re looking to impress someone with your typing skills 😛 No, the other person won’t be able to tell if the message was sent from desktop or phone. It will look exactly like a standard one.

pushbullet  640x485 What's Pushbullet? Intro and Its Features!

Forget emailing yourself

Yes, got a link to open on Android/iPhone? If so, you no longer need to email the weird link to yourself and open it in your device. Instead you can directly tell Pushbullet to send the link on your device. Going with the latter method requires no more than 3 clicks at max. Cool, right? Not only that, you can even send links to images or videos, which will then be downloaded on your device. Just open the link you wanna send, right-click the page and select device on which you want the link under Pushbullet.

pushbullet c 640x485 What's Pushbullet? Intro and Its Features!

Transfer files, photos, etc.

Got to upload that beautiful picture to Instagram? Instead of emailing yourself link to that image, then downloading it, you can directly send the image to your device via Pushbullet. It’s easy and neat, right? To send an image, either click extension’s icon then attach the image there. Or, you can right-click any image from the web and utilize “Pushbullet” option.

send image 640x485 What's Pushbullet? Intro and Its Features!

Get feed updates

Channels are special feeds, which you follow with Pushbullet and receive updates. Love xkcd? Follow its channel. Hunting Apple official news? Well, there’s a channel for that too. Whenever there will be something new on the channels you’re subscribed to, you will get a notification. Simple, yet useful, agree? And for the techies there, you can even create a channel of your own. Whatever you push to that channel will be notified to the channel’s subscribers.

That’s all 🙂

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