Use Impersonal.ME to Get Non-Personalized Google Results

impersonal Use Impersonal.ME to Get Non-Personalized Google ResultsIn past, we have discussed about the dark side of personalization; how it can be a curse as well as its benefits, right? Basically what Google does is that it gathers data about its users. This data is literally then used to make millions, kind of. HOW?! Let me explain. Google tracks your location, your IP address, , browsing history and it guesses your age, likes and dislikes from your searches. A search as simple as ‘how to make money online’ can say a lot about you, your needs and ambitions. And… Google knows this & makes best use of it.

I like to say that Google knows more about you than your own mother knows about you! That’s not an overstatement, you know.

So suppose Google knows you need money therefore making searching along the lines of “how to make money online”. According to this knowledge, Google makes a profile about you. A profile based upon its best guesses about who you are, what you do and are interested in. This profile/data is used to show you the ads, which reflect your needs most likely. Google AdSense is the program which most websites use to show ads on their websites and these ads are tailored as per your Google profile. So that’s how it works.

The Big G tries to know as much about as you as possible to personalizee your Google experience to best make most money for itself and maybe show you some quality content via searches.

There are methods to non-personalize your Google. We shared a few earlier. Today we bring a new option: Impersonal.ME

It is basically a utility that you can use to non-personalize your searches. Have fun!

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