Use Google to Search PDF, MP3 and Format-Wise Files

Google is one of the best sites and probably the only site that’s been under construction for past 10+ years. It has become so much popular that even Oxford Dictionary found it to be worthy of inclusion in its official dictionaries. The word “google” is now an official English world, which means “to type words into the search engine Google® in order to find information about somebody/something”.

There are often times we need to for PDF files. Even times when we want to filter search results accordingly their file format. Following tip helps you do just that. With its help, you could just get search queries to be limited by PDF or MP3 files. How does it work? Include a search operator filetype:pdf where the PDF part is the variable and you could enter any file format that Google indexes.


search by file format 640x575 Use Google to Search PDF, MP3 and Format-Wise Files

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