4 Tips and Tricks for Gmail Part 1

Gmail is the emailing serving by , though that’s not why it’s as popular as it is. It rose to prominence right even before it was launched. I mean, it kept flourishing despite being in beta mode for 5 years. When it comes to email solutions, there are YahooMail, Hotmail, Thunderbird and many others. But is the choice for most due to the plethora of features that it provides.

Gmail began as a beta-mode project in 2004 and was launched to public in 2007. It became an instant hit by offering email storage of 1 gigabyte, which was tons of times more than the competition, which typically offered only 2 or 4 megabytes of storage. As of this writing, Gmail gives you an email storage of 15 gigabytes when you sign up for an account. Which is shared by the data you upload to Google Drive and Google Photos well.

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Tips and Tricks for Gmail is the series of articles that explore the ins and outs of Google’s mailing service. If you think, Gmail as yet-another-email service, let me break it to you: Gmail is like a sleeping lion, it doesn’t do anything while asleep. Wake it up and you will see lion’s (Gmail’s) true nature. Which is the aim of this series to help you wake up the lion (Gmail).

Why Gmail?

Gmail is one of the most popular email services, packaged with more features than I could count of my fingers. The question here is that why you should Gmail and not other email services like Outlook, Yahoomail, etc.? Short answer is because Gmail offers hundreds of useful features (you’ll find out soon). For a detailed answer, here’s just a glimpse of few its many features:

Better spam filtering

spam gmail 4 Tips and Tricks for Gmail Part 1Google stores your emails on its servers, which are protected by up-to-date latest anti-virus and anti-malware scanners. You ought not to worry about spam getting through in the first place. Because Google’s spam filtering system is so effective at its job that hardly anything gets through it to the inbox. But just in case, anything like that happens and something malicious comes into your inbox, Google will display a warning alongside the email and will quarantine the email.

The system in place ensures you don’t get/see what you don’t want to see/get.


labels gmail 4 Tips and Tricks for Gmail Part 1Major part of what Gmail, well, Gmail is its user interface – which is pretty straightforward, yet well-organized. To introduce Labels, they’re simply like tags used by most blogging platforms to categorize/classify content. You can apply label to any email you want and it will be classified under that label. You can apply as many labels as you like.

At a time when folders system was predominant for organization in email services, Gmail introduced labels and won the market with the range of versatility that labels provide.


Unlike the competition at the time of Gmail’s release, the email service organizes related emails under conversation threads. Much like discussion or forum boards, which display replies to a particular question/post under that post/question, same happens in Gmail. Messages/replies to an email with same subject all appear right below that email, making that email a conversation thread technically.

A number is displayed right beside name of sender, which indicates the total number of replies to an email/conversation. Such was/is the intelligent interface of Gmail that made it a quick hit. Conversation threads, if you don’t like, can be turned off too.

More storage

Gmail is one among the email solutions which offered 1 gigabyte of storage for emails! When it was launched, its competitors offered an storage of 2mb to 4mb. Offering 1gigabyte instead of mere 4megabyte made Google’s service get instant attention. 1 GB is pretty handsome storage for emails and at that time when rivals offered just 4megabyte, it looked like a dream come true. So Gmail went viral!

Gmail didn’t stop at 1 GB and kept on increasing storage until 15 GB (which is as of this writing). PS. 15 GB of storage is the storage shared by Google Drive and Photos too.

memory gmail 4 Tips and Tricks for Gmail Part 1


Of course, this was just a glimpse at the few of numerous Gmail features. There’s a lot more to Gmail than this. So stay tuned for more.

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