How to Log Out of These Major Websites in One Click

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How to Block An Email Address in Gmail

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Set Video as Your Desktop Wallpaper with VLC

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Check All Usernames & Passwords Stored With Google

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Where is “Log Out” Option in Windows 10

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How to Undo and Redo Text in Android OS

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Write Email Directly From Omnibox in Google Chrome

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How to Mute Tabs in Google Chrome

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How to Use ‘Pin Tab’ to Organize Chrome Tabs

This is a Dekho Quick. Dekho Quicks are little tips, tricks and tutorials that take no more than 200 words to explain. Short and cheesy! Pinned tabs don’t show page title (<title>page title</title>), they’re... Read more »

How to Remove/Hide All Desktop Icons in Windows 10

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How to Search Web with Google in Windows 10

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