10 Interesting Facts About Google

You know Google, I know Google and most people I know also know it. It’s an official dictionary word as well, meaning to type words into the search engine Google® in order... Read more »

“I’m Feeling Lucky” Button Costs Google $110 Million Annually

Did you know that little oft. overlooked “I’m Feeling Lucky” button costs Google $110 Million annually? FTR, typing your search query and hitting “I’m Feeling Lucky” will take you directly to the... Read more »

Google Wanted to Sell Itself to Excite for $750,000

Excite was a search engine, with significant market share back in early 1999. It was one of the pioneers of search engines, but then Google came and dominated the market usage with... Read more »

Google Has Been Acquiring More Than 1 Company Since 2010

Google is one dream company for most people to work. Thinking about companies in the past decade that made most headlines, it will probably be Google as answer. It has so many products... Read more »