5 Tips For Buying Smartphone That Suits Your Needs

buying the best smartphone 310488 5 Tips For Buying Smartphone That Suits Your NeedsSmartphones are the craze of this decade, agree? There are millions in use & more and more people are putting their hands on smartphones. It’s your wallet, camera, calculator, way to share photos & vidoes, listen to music and do a whole bunch of other things, right? So it’s a no-brainer that choosing the right device is definitely worth the effort. Your smartphone is indispensible to your lifestyle, right? What operating system you need, what camera specs, what should hardware look like and many other tips are packed in this guide to help you choose the device that fits to your needs.

You see, there are many players in the market, offering products with different pricing, features and carriers, it’s important you know what means what. In this guide, there are 10 tips to help you choose best possible smartphone.

#1 Operating system: Android or iOS?


As of this writing, dominates the smartphones’ market like none other. It’s may be shock you to find out that Android is open-source & anyone can modify it accordingly their needs and redistribute the modified version. Of course, there are official major upgrades coming every few years like KitKat, Lollipop and latest & upcoming Marshmallow (Android 6.0). Many companies like Samsung & Motorola design Android-phones. Since the is open source, they make their own set of enhancements to the OS like better multi-touch features, robust multi-tasking and other additional settings.

android 640x360 5 Tips For Buying Smartphone That Suits Your Needs

iOS 9

3 5 Tips For Buying Smartphone That Suits Your NeedsOn the other side of the market is iOS, which the Apple’s operating system and comes pre-installed in iPhones. The most compelling reason to get an iPhone device is because with iOS 8’s Family Sharing feature, you can share your iTunes, books and app purchases with up to 6 family members. Recently on September 9th, 2015, they also announced version of OS, which brings another set of cool enhancements to the OS. The new Photos app gives you intuitively well-designed experience to rejoice your favorite memories. iPhones’ app store gets the some of the best applications and games from developers, because developers find it easy to target a definite audience with almost similar display sizes and hardware.

Which one for you?

In my opinion, if you’re looking for devices which are easily affordable, come with almost competitive set of features, then Android is for you. Whereas if you’re looking for Apple-type iPhones, well, then, you know iPhones are iPhones. But they may be expensive. Choose accordingly your budget, however I think Android is suitable for general-purpose smartphone devices.

#2 Check out reviews

One of the best things about Internet is that it makes judging a product pretty easy. You can easily find out tens of thousands of reviews about any device/smartphone. Before buying any device, you must first check reviews from its former/current users. Sites like Amazon let users post reviews about a product, like for Moto X here. Plus many media-related sites test devices and post reviews regarding products; they list their pros and cons and these reviews are mostly non-biased.

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#3 Check out company’s profile

Okay, when it comes to the brand or manufacturer of a device, it’s important to know learn a bit about its background. I mean, how good the company looks whether or not has it the credibility it claims. You can find that out by just digging a bit into its Wikipedia official page. You see, Apple is the world’s most valuable brand as of now. Know how good products have they released, whether they solve their phones’ hardware or issues, which may come up.

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Do they care about your feedback? Are their devices on latest OS? It’s important that choose a company that’s some respect among the tech industry. “No names” devices have a habit of giving lots of headaches. ASUS, Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba, HP and Dell are among the most credible names. If you know them, you know that it’s no use asking if they manufacture good products.

#4 Avoid outdated hardware

You don’t want a smartphone device with outdated hardware parts. Because while the prices may seem pretty attractive, OS software updates and newer apps will not be compatible most of the time. Unless your intention is to use outdated hardware that should go to the dumping ground instead of landfill, don’t buy a phone which was introduced in 2012 or 2013. To find out the release date of any device, you can use GSMArena. Just go there and search for the phone in which you’re interested.

smartphone0hardware 5 Tips For Buying Smartphone That Suits Your Needs

#5 What about camera?

The idea that more megapixels mean better camera is a popularly wrong one! It’s not true and is merely a myth, but a rather strong one. You see it’s not about megapixels. It’s more about the type of lens and image sharpness. Many other things count too when it’s about evaluating a camera. So you beware; don’t just buy a phone with 15 megapixels, dig a little deep and learn about its lens, know picture dimensions, whether it’s autofocus, geo-tagging and detects faces. All these should count to a better camera.

smartphone camera 5 Tips For Buying Smartphone That Suits Your Needs

If you intend to use camera at events and parties, you should definitely buy a smartphone whose camera is at least 10 pixels, dimensions are 4320 x 2432 pixels at minimum and it’s capable of focusing.

Finally! Buy it!

Finally buy the device you find suiting your needs. Just know that no matter how much research you do, it will never be 100%. However it can be good enough. So go ahead at it!

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