Send Facebook Push Notifications on Mobile Site Now

1 Send Facebook Push Notifications on Mobile Site NowSure, many of you guys have apps to surf the social network. So you don’t need to visit Facebook via its mobile website, right? After all, why use Facebook’s mobile website when you can get a much better user experience its dedicated app? Smartphones’ market is bursting and more people than ever are jumping in on the bandwagon with . Still there are regions with in its earlier phases; they don’t have access to as much internet speed as urban users do, so they use Facebook mobile website to access the network.

Of course, these users, in the process, are deprived of many features that come with the Android app. Best of these features include push notifications, which help users and the website in question engage better. Big reason why developers hate mobile websites is the lack of push notifications. So Google announced development of a third-party party push API with Chrome, an standard which will help mobile websites display push notifications. Since a good deal of Facebook users, especially from developing countries, use to access the social network, Facebook wanted to show give the best possible experience to these users too. So after working with Chrome on mobile web alerts standard, Facebook mobile website ( can now send push notifications on Android. Users are allowed to opt in or out of these notifications, of course.

2 Send Facebook Push Notifications on Mobile Site NowFacebook product manager, Jonathan McKay, told TechCrunch that they’ve seen “increase in visitation from launching push notifications.” Nate Schloss, a software engineer at Facebook, told The Verge that new notifications align with company’s intentions to give same experience to mobile website users. “We want to give users all the functionality that they can get in the native app on the mobile website as well,” he said.

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