Magic Actions: Control Volume with Mouse Wheel and more.

Magic Actions is one of the best you can install. This tutorial will show you why. What this extension does is that it enhances your experience of watching videos. If you’re a keen Youtube videos watcher, is for you. It’s also available for Mozilla Firefox and Opera, just in case. The extension in question literally takes your Youtube video watching experience to the next level. It accomplishes that by adding a number of features like controlling volume by moving mouse wheel, switching to night-mode, play all videos in HD automatically and more.

How it works:

To take all the fun, please install the extension first. For Chrome users, Firefox and Opera.

Once you’ve installed it, open Youtube and see the extension in action yourself.

Switch day and night mode

One of the most important features Youtube needs is a day and night switch. So it’s comfortable to watch videos either at night or day comfortably. Fortunately, Magic Actions does exactly that. Installed the extension already? You should see a “button” to top-left side, clicking it will switch the mode from night to day or day to night.

day night youtube viewing mode Magic Actions: Control Volume with Mouse Wheel and more.

It’s that easy!

Cinema light effects

There are 40 pre-defined beautiful light effects around video, giving you a cinema feel. To make use of them, you need to first widen the video; just click anywhere outside video frame and done. Then from top-right menu, you can change it to any effect you like.

cinema video effects 640x386 Magic Actions: Control Volume with Mouse Wheel and more.

Increase volume by mouse wheel

Just like in VLC Media Player. You can move mouse wheel up and down to increase and decrease volume respectively. While you’re at it, a volume bar shall also appear telling you exactly what volume is current.

Take snapshot while video is running

You can even taken snapshots of video while it is playing. A video has moments you would like to have captured. If that’s the case, Magic Actions will serve you well.

Google evolved YouTube 640x302 Magic Actions: Control Volume with Mouse Wheel and more. ,

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