Where is “Log Out” Option in Windows 10

If you recently upgraded to , you must have gotten the impression that “Log out” option either hard to find or non-existent.

log out button in windows10 Where is "Log Out" Option in Windows 10Hardly users got used to weird ways of logging out of 8/8.1, Windows 10 introduced new ways. Things changed and you gotta learn to log out of the new , again. In Windows 8, there were a few ways to log out: via the then-new Charms bar, via Start menu’s avatar menu and by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete. You can’t also find “Log out” option in “Power” menu of Start menu either, so where’s it exactly? Has Windows delete the option? Or is it located somewhere else?

Don’t worry. Here’s where “Log out” button:

  • Open Start menu
  • Move mouse over account name/avatar, you will see a dropdown list with “Sign out” option in it.
  • Click it and you will be logged out.

Press Ctrl + Alt + Del

Another way to find the log out option is by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del together. You can choose “Sign out” option from here as well. Handy for shortcut lovers.



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