How to Use ‘Pin Tab’ to Organize Chrome Tabs

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Pinned tabs don’t show page title (<title>page title</title>), they’re contracted so only their favicon is shown. To pin a tab, right-click tab and select “Pin tab”. Tab creep is that situation in which you have so many tabs open that you find it confusing to find your most-used tabs. It’s common for power users to suffer from tab creep; it causes users to be unable find the most-used tabs like webmail, social media and work tabs.

pin tabs chrome How to Use 'Pin Tab' to Organize Chrome Tabs

New tabs, by default, spawn from left to right and users tend to open their webmail, social media and most-used tabs first so they stay on left side. That’s comes with the handy feature called “Pin tab“. It keeps most-used tabs, contracted to their favicon and tucked to left side. A few things to remember about pin tabs:

  • Pinned tabs can’t be mixed in unpinned tabs. Dragging pinned tab among unpinned tabs is redundant, because pinned tabs go back to where they otherwise were.

chrome pinned tab How to Use 'Pin Tab' to Organize Chrome Tabs

  • Opening links in new tabs from pinned tabs opens unpinned tabs (standard tabs).
  • To unpin a tab, right-click pinned tab and select Unpin tab.

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