How to Search Web with Google in Windows 10

cortana search e1440942862180 How to Search Web with Google in Windows 10Windows 10 comes with Cortana (a digital personal assistant), from where you can your computer as well as web. But by default, it searches with Bing. Which may not be your primary search engine. So here is a handy tip – how to search web in by . There’s a Google Chrome extension called Bing2Google.

Bing2Google technically redirects Bing searches or Bing itself to Google, so basically, you’re still searching Bing but Bing2Google redirects those searches to Google. So you may be right in thinking that any Bing searches, regardless they’re taking place via Windows 10 or Chrome itself, they will be redirected.

Nothing rocket science required here. The extension works like plug and play, in this case, install and play! Of course, Bing2Google’s impact radius is limited to Chrome and none of what it does (redirects) will be effective in Firefox or other browsers.

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