How to Log Out of These Major Websites in One Click

An average Internet user has more than a dozen accounts, right? And more often than not, we’re signed into many of these already. We’re logged into Amazon, Blogger, Youtube, etc. simultaneously. It can be a security concern to leave yourself signed into these sites. Neither do you want to be logged into somebody else’s computer, do you? But of course, logging out of many websites can be a hassle.

Fear not though, because we have Super Logout. It’s a small service and does exactly what its name says. It logs you out of multiple websites, superbly. Before you given link, be warned that you will be logged out already! Just visiting the website will do that. You can view in the screenshot a few sites. There are 35+ major websites you can log yourself out of. To try the service, why not visit it in browser’s private browsing mode? Just right-click following link and select Open link in incognito mode.

Super Logout 640x364 How to Log Out of These Major Websites in One Click

PS. Unfortunately for some reason, the service doesn’t log out of & Twitter.

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