How to Explore/Navigate Deep Web

deep we e1440602510277 How to Explore/Navigate Deep WebDeep is simply collection of all those websites not indexed by Google. is huge. It is where both themes exist: good and bad. Up to you; you will find what you look for. What deep web is, why it is and how to access it has all been described already. If you’re new to the topic, please do follow these links: What is Deep Web? And Surface Web? & How to Access Deep Web.

Now.. onto the topic of exploring/navigating your way around deep web. Web is web, but deep web is a bit different & probably scary. Although it works overall similarly to . In deep web, we got TOR hidden services (different name for websites/domain names). In surface web, we got websites. Hidden services’ addresses are seemingly random strings of 16 characters (therefore hard to remember), which usually don’t mean anything but serve some purpose. Surface web’s websites have easy to remember and meaningful domain names like,,,, etc.

So navigating deep web will obviously require you to use Bookmarks Manager, for saving websites (hidden services). That’s unless you got a photographic memory.

Directories & Wikis

Before there were no search engines, directories were how people used to keep track of and learn about category-wise websites. Same goes for deep web as of today, despite the fact there are search engines that index onion addresses. Of course, these onion addresses are accessible only via TOR browser, not standard browsers. That’s the way they have been configured.

These directories and wikis basically list popular hidden services, category-wise. You need hidden services’ forums, check out directories’ forums’ section. Simple. These directories also mention sites that are up and live and highlight sites that are no longer available. Among many directories & wikis, The Hidden Wiki is the most popular.  Mirror sites are common in the deep web. Mirror sites are sites that are basically copies of other popular sites like The Hidden Wiki. So if The Hidden Wiki is taken down (which is common in deep web), there are alternatives to serve same purpose. The onion address of The Hidden Wiki is this: http://thwikihlbdf6eyop.onion

thehiddenwikicrop 640x431 How to Explore/Navigate Deep Web

Remember that since your (client’s) request is bounced around a number of computers (relays) for anonymity’s purposes, you will find that TOR hidden services take quite a while to load than on surface web. This is normal, so don’t hit “close” (X) too sooner. Also you will find that most sites don’t load fully, this is normal too.

Staying safe

network security e1440602467343 How to Explore/Navigate Deep WebI have mentioned this earlier, another mention is worth it. Although accessing deep web or using TOR network is not illegal, it is just that the people who do so usually have something to hide. Therefore viewed with suspicious. I have got nothing to do with what you’re up to, why you’re running deep web; just a word of caution though: TOR is not all you need to browse anonymously. You will need to change some of your browsing habits too to be completely anonymous.

Read this post for a list of tips to stay safe.

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