How to Add Subtitles to a Movie/TV Show in VLC Player

Like many non-native English speakers, I prefer subtitles while watching a movie or TV series. Problem is that most movies downloaded via torrent (yeah, guilty of piracy :/) neither come with subtitles nor with a separate SRT file. SRT is the file format of a subtitles file. So what do you do? How do you insert subtitles to your favorite movie or TV episode? Guess what? There’s a solution to that. However if you used a media player other than VideoLAN Client, then this tutorial is not for you. Rest of guys may continue.

VideoLAN Client is a fairly popular open source software, used to play various sorts of media files. It especially supports audio, video, CDs and DVDs and has streaming protocols. While there are similar ways to add/insert subtitles in other media players, however they are out of the this tutorial’s scope.

How it works

  • First of all, you need an SRT file format file. Just like Adobe Illustrator file format is .AI, Photoshop’s is .PSD, subtitles file format is .SRT. You need that file created especially for the movie or TV episode you’re watching. You can find such a file from subtitles’ hosting sites like Yify Subtitles, Subscene, Open Subtitles, etc.
  • For sake of demonstration, you can find “Man of Steel” movie’s subtitles by looking them up at Yify Subtitles. For any given movie, subtitles files are available in various languages like French, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, etc. Download in any language you like.
  • The package you download will be compressed in a .ZIP file. Once downloaded, extract its contents.
  • Now play the movie in VLC player
  • Click Add Subtitle file… under Subtitle
  • Locate the .SRT file & select it

add subtitles to vlc media player How to Add Subtitles to a Movie/TV Show in VLC Player

Done! 🙂 You should now be able to view subtitles alongside movie.

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