Google Wanted to Sell Itself to Excite for $750,000

excite logo apple e1440943791507 Google Wanted to Sell Itself to Excite for $750,000Excite was a search engine, with significant market share back in early 1999. It was one of the pioneers of search engines, but then came and dominated the market usage with its PageRank . But did you know that pre-Google domination period, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin were willing to sell their precious technology to for under $1 Million, $750,000 to be exact.

But unluckily for Excite, they failed to acquire the opportunity.

The story goes around the technosphere every once in a while, but not many Google users are aware of it. It goes like in early 1999, Google founders approached Excite CEO George Bell to sell Google for $1 Million. But Bell rejected it. Vinod Khosla says he had many interesting discussions with the duo about the offer. After Bell rejected the $1 Million offer for Google, Khosla negotiated the price down to $750,000 but George Bell did not relent and let offer go out of the hand.

Later in 2004, Excited was acquired by Ask Jeeves. The company then became Whereas Google’s market capital stands at $367 billion and 3rd most valuable brand in world. Ooops.. imagine, where Excite would be today had they seized the opportunity.

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