Google Chrome’s Top 5+ Hidden Features

google chrome Google Chrome's Top 5+ Hidden FeaturesGoogle is one of the finest web browsers of this time. It is used by millions of people around the world to surf the web. With a bottomless bucket of extensions and applications, Chrome has dominated the browsers’ market it seems. The wide range of extensions from productivity packages to utilities to social networking packages, you will find it all in Chrome. This is probably the reason for the Chrome’s market dominance.

When it comes to browsers, the sleek, minimalist and at the same time very effective, Chrome is my favorite. Best thing about Chrome? It auto-updates. How? Well, instead of prompting you to install version updates via annoying pop-ups, Chrome updates itself in the background automatically. This is something that makes the browser a completely unique at its practice.

Anyways Chrome is more than what it seems at first sight. Here are its top 5+ hidden features.

Play game in Chrome

A T-Rex running game is hidden in Chrome. Remember the T-Rex dinasaur from “Unable to connect Internet” page? Suprisingly, this T-Rex is actually part of a game. To find out how it works, you will have to disable your Internet connection for the “Unable to connect Internet” page to appear. Not a big deal, just press Wi-Fi switch located on your laptop (if that’s from where you’re reading). Done? Now go and try visiting any website. The said error will spring. At this point, try pressing Spacebar key, this little 8-bit-like character should start running in a dull desert! “So what’s the objective of the game?”, you ask. It’s fairly simple; T-Rex must keep running avoiding colliding into those cacti trees.

chrome t rex game Google Chrome's Top 5+ Hidden Features

Use Omnibox as a Calculator

Odd things first. What’s this omnibox? That’s where you type a web address or URI, but can also make Google searches. If you’ve used Chrome long enough, you should know that you can right from this omnibox, right? If that’s not the case, this could be a useful thing to know. You can also give the omnibox a Mathematical calculation and it will calculate it for you. Just type a basic calculation, don’t hit Enter yet. The result should appear in the drop down.

Chrome calculator1 Google Chrome's Top 5+ Hidden Features

Chrome’s Experimental Lab

Chrome’s built-in address “chrome://flags” has a list of many experiments that Chrome is still working on. These experiments are not officially approved. They are being tested, built and modified. Be warned for the page itself states that enabling any of the experiments can make your browser “delete all your data, or your security and privacy could be compromised in unexpected ways”. But contrary to that, if you take the risk, you can check features like auto password generation, auto correct spelling and save password automatically. You’ve been warned.

chrome flags 640x284 Google Chrome's Top 5+ Hidden Features

Access Chrome’s Built-In Notepad

There’s a built-in notepad installed in Chrome. You can access it by typing “data:text/html, <html contenteditable>” into the omnibox and hitting Enter. This will bring a blank page with a cursor on it. Type whatever you want! It’s your Notepad! Oh and by the way, this feature is not limited to Chrome and you can give it a shot on Firefox, Safari and Opera as well.

built in notepad chrome 640x356 Google Chrome's Top 5+ Hidden Features

Drag tabs like a pro

Chrome’s UI is so relieving. It works super fast, no? However that’s not all. These little tabs can do more than you might think. For example, you can drag multiple tabs at once. Just press Ctrl + click tabs you want to drag. Then drag! If you want work tabs in a separate Chrome window, just click them selectively and drag and drop them separately.

drag drop chrome tabs Google Chrome's Top 5+ Hidden Features


Search within sites directly from omnibox

When it comes to what you can do with omnibox, list goes beyond what you can count on fingers. You can do calculations, search at Google, compose an email (requires some tweaking) and as well as search within specific sites. All with? With omnibox. You can even search within individual sites (provided they’re saved as a search engine, which we’ll get to sooner!). Doing so will save you many clicks. Like for example if I wanted to look up ISPs on Wikipedia, so instead of going to Google and then Wikipedia’s front page, I could just add Wikipedia as a search engine to my Chrome and make things easier, right?

search within sites 640x327 Google Chrome's Top 5+ Hidden Features

No, if a site is not added as a search engine to your Chrome, you would not be able to search within that site from the omnibox. And it hardly takes a few minutes to do that. To add Wikipedia there, just go to Wikipedia. Right-click on search box and click “Add as a search engine“. Added added the search engine? Now how do you search within an individual site? Just type the site’s domain name like, then press Tab and now you can search within Wikipedia. Type the query and hit Enter.

There are many other hidden features in . If you know other hacks, please comment and let us know!

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