Check All Usernames & Passwords Stored With Google

password 1 e1441213155251 Check All Usernames & Passwords Stored With GoogleChrome Sync is that feature of the browser that lets you synchronize your data as well as settings across multiple devices. For that to happen, it needs to have your data on its servers. Data like your browsing , cookies, apps & extensions installed, tabs open, themes, bookmarks and settings. All of this or data you selectively sync is synced across multiple devices.

All good, but did you know that passwords you save in your browser are stored by Google if you’re signed in to Chrome? That’s true. Whether you saved passwords from Android or via , you can access these saved emails/usernames and passwords via a special URL.

Try this link:

This little URL may be useful to people concerned about their privacy and security. To view a password, select eye-like “view” icon. To delete a password, select delete or cross “X”. Also note that the URL won’t show you any passwords if you use a sync passphrase, but you can see your passwords via a local page. To find this page, go to Settings > Advanced settings and click “Manage passwords” under Passwords and Forms‘ section.

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