So What’s New in iPhone 6s & 6s Plus?

Apple September 2015 event is that event from Apple where the company launched iPhone 6S and many other flagship products. Apple has been doing events like these, where they launch their cool-looking devices. They sure invite media and other significant people to witness the launch, but they also stream the event live on the internet, so anyone interested may watch it. Unfortunately the that makes this happen only allow people iPhone, iPad or Mac watch the live streaming.

That changed this time, because anyone with 10’s Microsoft Edge could also watch the event live. No need to wonder why Apple changed its mind about its live streaming audience. Because it didn’t. It is simply a matter of coincidence that the technology called HTTP Live Streaming (HSL) to stream the event. The HSL is not supported by Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. And Windows 10’s Edge supports it. So it seriously increased the number of people with access to live streaming, because has been installed millions of times.

apple september 2015 event 640x427 So What's New in iPhone 6s & 6s Plus?

The event took place on September 9th, 2015 and if you missed it, well, here’s the main highlight: iPhone 6s & 6s Plus.

iPhone 6s & 6s Plus

The event was mainly about iPhone 6s, though there were other products being launched simultaneously. So iPhone 6s and 6s Plus were launched. It’s probably the most advanced smartphone in the world with the type of features it has. It has got 3D touch, Force Touch technologies, amazingly fast CPU and high definition camera with 12 megapixels of rear camera. iPhone 6s is 4.7″ wide with Retina HD Display, whereas iPhone 6s Plus has 5.5″ Retina HD Display.

GLSZqy4 640x440 So What's New in iPhone 6s & 6s Plus?

3D touch lets you take actions about an object, without even opening it. Original iPhone introduced the world to Multi-Touch pioneering the touch phones’ industry. iPhone 6s’ 3D touch is capable of detecting how deep you’re tapping the phone and acts accordingly and smartly with its Tactic Engine. iPhone 6s was expected to have 3D touch and Force Touch technologies already. And they make the experience really comfortable!

The 12MP camera is advanced enough to capture 4K camera, which is 4 times the definition of 1080p HD. iSight camera lets you capture sharp and detailed photos and Live Photos make rejoicing your favorite capture moments better than ever!

Another area where iPhone 6s is new is its chip. iPhone 6s comes with custom 64-bit A9 chip, which makes your CPU performance 70% faster and GPU performance up to 90% faster. A9 chip gives you the type of performance you expect only of desktop PCs.

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