How to Block An Email Address in Gmail

Although was not my primary email for first few years of my online time, but it is certainly the best email service that I use now. It’s that service that remained in beta phase for good long 5 years; being constantly developed & tested. Anyways.. since the time of its launch, it has got some good audience so far. Millions of people around the world use its excellent spam filtering, amazing organizing and what not. If you’re wondering what Gmail is capable of, you must read this series called Gmail Tips and Tricks.

This post is a Dekho Quick, which makes it no longer than 200 words yet its equally useful!

So in this post, we’re going to learn how to block an email address in Gmail, so you don’t receive anything from that email.

Open email from sender you want to block, drag your cursor to top-right of email & click down-arrow located to right-side of reply icon. There? Now click “Block [sender’s name]”.

gmail  How to Block An Email Address in Gmail


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